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Table 3 Multivariate analyses to identify the predictors of presenting to the ED after being on antibiotic in the past 2 weeks

From: Comparing febrile children presenting on and off antibiotics to the emergency department: a retrospective cohort study

 OR (95% CI)P-Value
Age (months)1.04 (1.02–1.06)< 0.001
Gender -Female0.68 (0.47–0.98)0.037
Height of fever in the ED, 38–39.40.47 (0.32–0.67)< 0.001
Abnormal lung sounds2.00 (1.23–3.25)0.005
  1. Variables included in the model were:
  2. Age, Gender, Sore throat, Symptoms, Height of fever in the ED (reference: < 38), Abnormal lung sounds, Lungs wheezing, Abnormal mental status, Abnormal Tympanic Membranes, Abnormal tonsils, Skin rash, Normal physical exam, Well appearing baby (reference: no)