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Table 2 Verbal Outcomes

From: Neurocognitive functioning in individuals with congenital central hypoventilation syndrome

Participant #FSIQVCISimilarities*Vocabulary*Receptive Vocabulary*Information*Picture Naming*
17077  5  
27971   52
7516334 4 
Mean72.3378.836.756.50 4.5 
SD22.3619.585.683.32 0.71 
  1. Note: VCI = Verbal Comprehension Index from the Wechsler scales. Similarities and Vocabulary are subtests from the WISC-V and WAIS-IV. Receptive Vocabulary is a subtest from the Bayley-III. Information is a subtest from both the WPPSI-IV and the WAIS-IV. Picture Naming is a subtest from the WPPSI-IV
  2. *Scores for individual subtests are reported as scaled scores, M = 10, SD = 3