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Table 2 Crucial laboratory findings – second hospitalisation (abnormalities - bolded)

From: Uncommon clinical presentation of cystic fibrosis in a patient homozygous for a rare CFTR mutation: a case report

Test nameResultNormal range
haemoglobin7.4 g/dl8.7–16.9 g/dl
red blood cells2.62 M/μl3.8–5.8 M/μl
total protein3.4 g/dl5.7–8.9 g/dl
total bilirubin2.48 mg/dl0.1–1.3 mg/dl
conjugated bilirubin0.68 mg/dl0–0.20 mg/dl
GGTP469 U/l12–122 U/l
lactate52.5 mg/dl4.5–19.8 mg/dl
ammonia90.2 μg/dl17–79.9 μg/dl
alpha-1-antitrypsin58 mg/dl90–200 mg/dl
sweat conductivity105 mmol/l
▪ 33 mmol/l
▪ 51 mmol/l
▪ 16 mmol/l
negative: < 60 mmol/l
equivocal: 60–80 mmol/l
positive: > 80 mmol/l