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Table 1 Signs and symptoms of CF (bolded – present in the reported patient)

From: Uncommon clinical presentation of cystic fibrosis in a patient homozygous for a rare CFTR mutation: a case report

 Common respiratoryCommon non-respiratoryLess common
age-independent▪ productive cough
respiratory infection with typical CF pathogen
▪ salty-tasting skin 
neonatal ▪ meconium ileus
▪ abdominal cramps
▪ fatty stools
protracted jaundice
▪ intestinal atresia
fat-soluble vitamin deficiency
infancychronic cough
▪ recurrent wheeze
recurrent lower respiratory tract infections
failure to thrive due to exocrine pancreatic insufficiency with steatorrhoea, diarrhea, and abdominal distension▪ rectal prolapse
anaemia, oedema and hypoproteinemia
▪ pseudo-Bartter’s syndrome
▪ hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis