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Table 3 Occurrence and Odds Ratio (OR) [with 95% Confidence Interval (CI)] of Assistive Hearing Devices

From: Association of tympanostomy tubes with future assistive hearing devices–a population based study

 TT Cohort (%)No-TT Cohort (%)Control Cohort (%)TT vs. No-TT [OR (95% CI)]TT vs. Control [OR (95% CI)]
Implanted bone conduction device0.0320.0060.0025.08 (2.80–9.23)*15.67 (9.47–25.91)*
Unilateral hearing aid0.3410.0810.0254.21 (3.55–5.00)*13.74 (11.85–15.94)*
Bilateral hearing aida0.6470.1390.0674.69 (4.12–5.34)*9.70 (8.82–10.67)*
Unilateral or bilateral hearing aid0.9880.2200.0924.53 (4.09–5.02)*10.81 (9.98–11.71)*
FM system hearing device0.1210.0310.0083.84 (2.91–5.06)*15.13 (11.69–19.57)*
Any hearing rehabilitation device1.0350.2360.0974.43 (4.01–4.89)*10.76 (9.95–11.63)*
  1. aPatients who received bilateral hearing aids are not counted in the unilateral hearing aid data
  2. *p < 0.001