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Table 2 Cohort Characteristics

From: Association of tympanostomy tubes with future assistive hearing devices–a population based study

 TT CohortNo-TT CohortControl Cohort
Sample Size193,880203,283961,168
Age (years) at Index Datea (Mean ± SD)3.61 ± 2.852.43 ± 2.65*3.08 ± 2.88*
Sex (% female)39.2945.21*39.30
Episodes of Physician-diagnosed Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (Mean ± SD, per year)5.11 ± 3.91b5.06 ± 0.37b*0.14 ± 0.40b*
  1. aIndex dates are the date of first TT procedure for the TT cohort, latest diagnosis date of > 5 episodes in 1-year period for the No-TT cohort, and date of first TT procedure of the matched children from TT cohort for the Control cohort
  2. bin 1-year prior to index date
  3. *p < 0.001 versus TT cohort
  4. TT Tympanostomy Tube
  5. SD Standard Deviation