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Table 2 The associations between not meeting (vs. meeting) single or combination of each guidelines and odds ratios for being overweight and obese (n = 254)

From: Proportion of kindergarten children meeting the WHO guidelines on physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep and associations with adiposity in urban Beijing

 Unadjusted modelsAdjusted models
OR (95%CI)P valueOR (95%CI)P value
Not meeting (vs. meeting) the following guidelines:
PA0.56 (0.26,1.20)0.1360.68 (0.31,1.52)0.351
Screen3.11 (1.33,7.27)0.009*3.76 (1.50,9.45)0.005*
Sleep1.36 (0.63,2.94)0.4320.95 (0.42,2.16)0.905
PA+ Screen0.93 (0.49,1.91)0.9681.19 (0.58,2.43)0.642
PA+ Sleep0.78 (0.33,1.84)0.5760.56 (0.23,1.41)0.220
Screen + Sleep1.33 (0.60,2.96)0.4830.96 (0.41,2.24)0.928
All three guidelines0.83 (0.34,2.03)0.6790.61 (0.23,1.58)0.306
  1. Abbreviation: OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, PA physical activity
  2. Note: bold font indicate significance
  3. In the adjusted models, age and sex were adjusted
  4. *P < 0.05