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Table 2 Service Use among sample children who received EI referral and initiated EI services

From: Child characteristics and early intervention referral and receipt of services: a retrospective cohort study

Characteristic% (n)
Type of EI Services Received (n = 571)A
 Physical Therapy21.4 (122)
 Occupational Therapy17.3 (99)
 Speech and Language Pathology74.4 (425)
 Developmental Intervention49.4 (282)
Number of EI Services Received (n = 571)
 One Service18.2 (104)
 Two Services35.2 (201)
 Three or more Services46.6 (266)
 Mean (SD)
Child Outcome Survey (COS) score at EI entry (n = 448)B
 Positive Social Emotional Skills4.6 (1.8)
 Acquiring and Using Knowledge and Skills3.7 (1.5)
 Taking Appropriate Action to Meet Needs4.3 (1.7)
  1. ADoes not add up to 100% since some children received more than one type of EI service; sub-sample of study children who initiated EI services
  2. BEach COS sub-scale score is derived from provider clinical judgment, parent concerns, and developmental assessment results and measured on a 7-point scale, from 1 = very early skills (i.e., child does not use any immediate foundational skills related to this outcome) to 7 = all skills expected (i.e., there are no concerns about the child’s function in this area)