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Table 1 Characteristics of study sample children with developmental delays and disabilities (n = 14,710) within the study healthcare system

From: Child characteristics and early intervention referral and receipt of services: a retrospective cohort study

 Not Referred (n = 11,964)Referred, but not Receiving EI (n = 2024)Referred and Received IFSP (n = 722)
Condition Type
 Developmental Delay (DD)97.590.587.7
 Diagnosed Condition (DC)2.59.512.3
Condition Severity Group
 No Condition89.574.870.6
Birthweight by Category
 Less than 1.5 kg0.53.63.46
 1.5 kg to 2.5 kg4.88.38.45
 Greater than 2.5 kg94.788.188.1
Child’s Age
 Less than 12-Months59.458.962.0
 12–24 Months21.023.328.7
 Greater than 24 Months19.617.89.3
Family Income (annually)
 Less than $19,99993.894.691.8
 Greater than $20,0006.25.48.2
 White, non-Hispanic15.014.414.5
 Black, non-Hispanic12.811.29.3
 Other, non-Hispanic3.24.02.5
Primary LanguageA
Child’s sex, Female51.037.836.7
Insurance Type, Medicaid and CHP + A87.7
  1. ACharacteristics only collected through EI program, not pediatric primary care office