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Table 4 New concentrated preterm AA/dextrose formulation

From: Standardised neonatal parenteral nutrition formulations – Australasian neonatal parenteral nutrition consensus update 2017

 For preterm infants with restricted PN or water intake after 24–48 h.
Not recommended at rate > 100 ml/kg/day.
 per 1000 mLmL/kg/day
Amino acids, g401.
Dextrose, g1004.
Na, mmol502.
K, mmol351.
Ca, mmol220.
Mg, mmol1.
P, mmol150.
Cl, mmol39.
Acetate, mmol261.
Zinc, μg4900196245294343392441490539
Selenium, μg301.
Iodine, μg120.
Heparin, units5002025303540455055
Osmolarity, mOsm/L1092Alert - below minimal recommended maintenance AA if no enteral intake
Solution pH5.75Alert - above maximal recommended calcium and amino acid intake
Bag volume, mL750Stability: up to 61 days @ 2-8 °C and 5 days at below 25 °C.