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Table 1 Descriptive summary of 8 studies included in the meta-analysis of the prevalence of neonatal sepsis in Ethiopia, 2018

From: Neonatal sepsis and its association with birth weight and gestational age among admitted neonates in Ethiopia: systematic review and meta-analysis

Authors /Year of publicationRegionStudy settingStudy designResponse rateSample sizeOut-comePrevalence
Demessie AG et al. 2017 [6]AmharaInstitutional basedcross sectional100%76952267.9
Getablew A et al. 2018 [7]OromiyaInstitutional basedcross sectional100%24419077.86
Tewabe T et al. 2018 [12]AmharaInstitutional basedcross sectional100%3919323.8
Woldu MA et al. 2017 [8]OromiyaInstitutional basedcross sectional100%30622974.83
Roba et al. 2017 [10]OromiyaInstitutional basedcross sectional100%3418120735.31
Sime H et al. 2014 [13]OromiyaInstitutional basedCross sectional 2259040
Gerenesea H et al. 2017 [23]TigrayInstitutional basedCross sectional100%2464922.7
Debelew GT et al 2014 [9]OromiyaInstitutional basedcohort100%3463118834.3