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Table 4 Percentage of variance explained by variance between fixed factors or by variance in full model

From: Individual-, home- and preschool-level correlates of preschool children’s sedentary time

Level of influenceVariable name% explained variance in full model
Individual level factorsGender10.7%
Effortful control
Home level factorsParental self-efficacy for activating child to physical activity (PA)5.3%
Parental self-efficacy for limiting children’s screen time
Parental perceived barriers related to children’s outside PA
Frequent co-visits in PA places
Preschool level factorsPrincipals’ personal interest in health1.7%
Principals’ beliefs of unhealthy energy balance-related behaviors (EBRBs) as a problem
Frequency of visits in PA places
Guidance for families policy
Additional fixed factorsPreschool time0.3%
Measurement season11.7%