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Table 3 Panel of SLC39A4 deleterious mutations noted in AE patients

From: Analysis of the relationship between the mutation site of the SLC39A4 gene and acrodermatitis enteropathica by reporting a rare Chinese twin: a case report and review of the literature

 Exon 9Exon 3Exon 5
Number of patients743
The gender ratio17.15%25.00%1
gene mutation(Main)missensemissensemissense
Age of onset (month)15.86 + 9.216.25 + 1.7110.33 + 1.18
Torso fold(N)532
Limb end(N)631
Nail involvement(N)231
Growth delay(N)130
Neuropsychiatric disorders(N)010
low serum zinc levels(N)111
therapeutic dose(mg/kg.d)2.64 + 1.034.25 + 1.71+ 0
course of treatment(day)14.86 + 2.0612.5 + 2.9514 + 0
  1. The gender ratio: the ratio of men to the total number of people; the ratio of the number of patients with positive clinical manifestations to the total number of patients with the same type of gene mutation; N: number of patients with this symptom