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Table 5 Multivariable analysis for the association variables discriminating non-irradiated survivors with disease-free both eyes

From: Survival and ocular preservation in a long-term cohort of Japanese patients with retinoblastoma

VariablesOdds ratio95% confidence interval lower-upper limitP-value
Neoadjuvant chemotherapy44.43.65–5400.0029
Positive family historya13.11.06–1620.045
Unilateral RB at diagnosis7.320.68–84.20.11
  1. Survivors in whom both eyes were disease-free (n = 7) vs. others (n = 83) who received enucleation
  2. or external beam radiotherapy (n = 26)
  3. aEither parents or sibling(s) received a diagnosis of retinoblastoma