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Table 4 Characteristics of patients with secondary neoplasm

From: Survival and ocular preservation in a long-term cohort of Japanese patients with retinoblastoma

PtSexAge at diagnosisDuration
Disease course and treatmentFamily
observation period
RB, second malig.Retinoblastomasecond malignancy
6male7 m19223bilateral→Enuc. + R,L → CROs→C + S + R → PDnodied of Os,290 m
7male22 m7 y74bilateral→prEnuc. + R,C,L → CROs→C + S → CRnoalive on CR,235 m
8male19 m8 y82unilateral→Enuc. → CRLym → C → CRnoalive on CR,167 m
  1. Enuc enucleation; prEnuc ocular preservation but subsequent enucleation; CR complete remission; L local therapy; C systemic chemotherapy; S surgical intervention; R external beam radiotherapy; Os osteosarcoma; Lym T-cell lymphoma