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Table 1 Demographics and initial treatment in 116 patients at diagnosis of retinoblastoma

From: Survival and ocular preservation in a long-term cohort of Japanese patients with retinoblastoma

 All patientsUnilateralBilateralTrilateralp-value a)
Number of patients11677381 
Male / female58 / 5836 / 4121 / 171 / 00.432
Positive family history b)102800.002
Age at diagnosis c), month13 (0–101)20 (0–101)5 (0–28)183.17 × 10-
Observation period b), month133 (10–403)113 (10–403)188 (15–370)180.026
Initial treatment
 Enucleation alone696900 
 Local therapy alone6060 
 External beam radiotherapy192170 
 Systemic chemotherapy226151 
  1. a) Statistical comparisons between patients with unilateral tumors and those with bilateral tumors were
  2. performed, using chi-square test, Fisher’s exact test and Mann-Whitney U test
  3. b) The germline mutation of RB1 was studied in only a few patients
  4. c) Each value represents the median age or observation period (months), with the range in parenthesis