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Table 1 The categories of the semi-structured, video-recorded interview of mothers of preterm infants

From: Mothers’ experiences of parenting and everyday life of children born at 23 weeks of gestation – a qualitative descriptive study

Open question “What would you like to tell me about the life of your child?”
1. Somatic health Infections, growth, pain, breathing, vision, hearing, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, continence
2. Functioning Eating, sleep & vitality, daily activities, hobbies & play
3. Learning and attention Learning & memory, challenges that affect learning and development, school achievement, possible special education arrangements, attention
4. Emotional well-being Expression of emotions, self-regulation, anxiety, depression
5. Social relations Family relations, peer relations, group skills, other important people
6. Parenting experience Thoughts about how prematurity has affected child, NICU experiences, overall parenting experience, positive and negative feelings about parenting