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Table 9 Correlation coefficients between the five core metabolites model from Table 7 that provide the highest accuracy

From: Altered metabolism of mothers of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: a case control study

Metabolites Correlation Coefficient P-value
Glu-Cys x Histidylglutamate −0.01 0.92
Glu-Cys x Cinnamoylglycine −0.06 0.63
Glu-Cys x Proline −0.09 0.51
Glu-Cys x Adrenoylcarnitine (C22:4)a 0.01 0.95
Histidylglutamate x Cinnamoylglycine −0.03 0.81
Histidylglutamate x Proline −0.07 0.59
Histidylglutamate x Adrenoylcarnitine (C22:4)a −0.06 0.65
Cinnamoylglycine x Proline 1.80E-03 0.99
Cinnamoylglycine x Adrenoylglycine (C22:4)a −0.13 0.31
Proline x Adrenoylcarnitine (C22:4)a 0.04 0.74
  1. The a indicates metabolites measured by Metabolon that have not been officially confirmed based on a standard, but Metabolon is confident in the Metabolite’s identity