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Table 7 Results for the combinations of metabolites from all subsets (i-iv) with lowest errors

From: Altered metabolism of mothers of young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: a case control study

Subset Combination Type I Error Type II Error
(i): FOCM/TS Metabolites tCysteine, Glu-Cys, fCysteine, fCystine/fCystiene, Nitrotyrosine 24% 27%
(ii): FOCM/TS metabolites plus nutritional information SAM/SAH, Glu-Cys, GSSG, fCysteine, B12 24% 27%
(iii): FOCM/TS metabolites, nutritional information, and MTHFR gene information SAM/SAH, tCysteine, Glu-Cys, B12, MTHFR mut. (A1298C) 24% 20%
(iv): FOCM/TS metabolites, nutritional information, MTHFR gene information, and Metabolon metabolites Glu-Cys, histidylglutamate, cinnamoylglycine, proline, adrenoylcarnitine (C22:4)a 3% 3%
  1. The a indicates metabolites measured by Metabolon that were not officially confirmed based on a standard, but Metabolon is confident of the Metabolite’s identity