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Table 4 Overview of the learning apps used in Learning4Kids intervention

From: App-based learning for kindergarten children at home (Learning4Kids): study protocol for cohort 1 and the kindergarten assessments

   Literacy intervention Numeracy intervention Tablet-control group
  App 1 Memory (Letters) Memory (Numbers) Memory (Colours)
  App 2 Letter drawing Number drawing Line drawing (Labyrinth)
Month 1 App 3 Painting with letters Painting with numbers Painting with colours
  App 4 Letter sorting Number sorting Animal puzzle
  App 5   Build a number rocket Build a colour rocket
  App 6 Initial letter sounds Collecting nuts (numbers) Collecting nuts (Colours)
  App 7 Snakes & Ladders (Letters) Snakes & Ladders (Numbers) Snakes & Ladders (Colours)
Month 2 App 8   Tap it! Numbers Tap it! Animals
  App 9   Mathemarmite Sagomini Forest Flyer
  App 10 Find the vowels Measurement app Sagomini Friends
Month 3 App 11 Finding pairs (rhymes) Finding pairs (numbers) Finding pairs (colours)
  App 12   Count and compare Bird Tower
  App 13 Sentence understanding Counting the ballons Fish-Maze
Month 4 App 14 Letter-Domino Number-Domino Colour-Domino
  App 15   Connect the number dots Connect the colour dots
  App 16 Word-Puzzle Learn the clock Animal Maze
Month 5 App 17 Magic potion (sounds) Count and sort objects Piano app
  App 18   Categorize numbers Categorize colours