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Table 2 Letters, letter sounds, and target words trained during each week of the intervention period

From: Motor-enriched learning for improving pre-reading and word recognition skills in preschool children aged 5–6 years – study protocol for the PLAYMORE randomized controlled trial

Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 and 8
Letters l å s m e b i u y n k f a æ h t d g p o j ø r c v all
Letter sounds [l] [ɔ] [s] [m] [e] [ɛ] [ə] [b] [i] [u] [ɔ] [y] [n] [k] [f] [a] [ɑ] [ɛ] [h] [t] [d] [ð] [g] [p] [o] [ʌ] [j] [ø] [ʁ] [ɐ̯] [s] [v] [w] all
Target words [pronunciations] lås [ˈlɔˀs]a bus [ˈbus] fly [ˈflyˀ] dæk [ˈdεg] gås [ˈgɔˀs] sø [ˈsøˀ] båd [ˈbɔˀð]
mel [ˈmeˀl] bil [ˈbiˀl] nul [ˈnɔl] hat [ˈhad] kop [ˈkʌb] rive [ˈʁiːvə] mur [ˈmuɐ̯ˀ]
  hest [ˈhεsd] majs [ˈmɑjˀs] hav [ˈhɑw]  
kano [ˈkæːno]  
  1. aThe Danish prosodic feature stød (a type of creaky voice [31]) is denoted withˀ