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Table 1 Schedule of enrolment, interventions and assessments in the PLAYMORE study

From: Motor-enriched learning for improving pre-reading and word recognition skills in preschool children aged 5–6 years – study protocol for the PLAYMORE randomized controlled trial

Activity or assessment School/class /group /individual level Recruite-ment Baseline Intervention period (8 weeks) Post 3-month follow-up
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Contact to schools School     
Eligibility screen Individual            
Consent (parents) Individual            
Inclusion Individual            
Randomization Individual             
INTERVENTIONS/CONTROL (3*30 minutes/week)
 Whole-body movements Group (6 subjects)      
 Part-body movements Group (6 subjects)      
 Control Group (app. 12 subjects)      
Reading skills
  Word reading with pictures Individual           
  Word reading without pictures Individual           
  Naming of letter sounds Individual           
  Letter Fluency Individual           
  Letter test 2 ½ class           
   Word reading test 1 ½ class           
Knowledge of trained letter- sound correspondences ½ class           
Cognitive performance
  Digit Span Individual           
  N-back Individual           
Motor skills
  Flamingo Balance test ½ class           
  9-hole pegboard Individual           
Compliance data
  Presence Individual      
  Active participation Individual      
  Session completion Group      
  Compliance to protocol Group      
Intrinsic motivation Individual             
  1. Adapted from the SPIRIT guideline (Chan et al., 2013)