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Table 3 Comparing the validity of Galectin-3 assay and Ross HF classification for the early diagnosis of heart failure in children with congenital heart disease

From: Value of Galectin-3 assay in children with heart failure secondary to congenital heart diseases: a prospective study

Test AUC P value Cutoff point Sensitivity Specificity NPV PPV Accuracy
Galectin-3 (ng/dl) 0.96 0.028 ≥10.4 96.7% 90% 93.2% 91% 93%
Ross Score 0.86 0.04 ≥1.5 83.3% 74.3% 82.1% 72.8% 78%
  1. AUC area under the curve, NPV negative predictive value, PPV positive predictive value