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Table 5 Concurrent neonatal health improvement activities in study clusters during the intervention period

From: Can an mhealth clinical decision-making support system improve adherence to neonatal healthcare protocols in a low-resource setting?

Arm Cluster Resource ranking Total number of activities Activities/topics discussed
Intervention A High 1 Making every baby count initiative
Intervention B Low 1 Making every baby count initiative
Control C High > 7 Policy on breast feeding and Hepatitis exposed babies; Assisted Vacuum Delivery; aHelping babies breathe training; Bi-weekly continuous professional training aimed at reducing the incidence of birth asphyxia and improving new-born resuscitation
Control D Low 5 Accelerating the achievement of Millennium Development Goal 4; Provider training; Helping babies breathe and essential care for every baby; 7th District Hospital provider training; Maternal and Neonatal audit workshop
  1. a There were a total of at least 5 rounds of this training with a new group of midwives being trained each time