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Table 1 SUID risk factor checklist used to evaluate photographs

From: Improving infant sleep safety via electronic health record communication: a randomized controlled trial

Unsafe sleep risk identified in infant’s photograph Infant sleep consistent with AAP guidelines
□ Not sleeping on own sleep surface □ Sleeping on own sleep surface
□ Not sleeping on back □ Sleeping on back
□ Soft sleep surface □ Firm sleep surface
□ Soft object in sleep area
 □ Pillow
 □ Stuffed animals or toys
□ Other loose objects in sleep area:
□ No loose objects in sleep area
□ Loose bedding in sleep area □ No loose bedding in sleep area
□ Dangling cords or electrical wires in sleep area □ No dangling cords or electrical wires in sleep area
□ Sleeping in car seat, stroller, swing, carrier, sling, or other
□ Sleeping on couch, armchair
□ Sleeping on bed designed for an adult or older child
□ Sleeping in crib, bassinette, portable crib, or play yard
□ Bumper pads attached to crib slats □ No bumper pads
□ Sleep wedge/positioner on sleep surface □ No sleep wedge/positioner on sleep surface
□ Covering of the face and head □ Face and head without any covering