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Table 6 Parents’ suggestions to improve the design of toothbrushes used by their children

From: Toothbrush deterioration and parents’ suggestions to improve the design of toothbrushes used by children with special care needs

Items Brief comments/suggestions
Bristles • “The bristles are too long”
• “The bristles are too thin”
• “The bristles are too hard/stiff”
• “The bristles are too soft, and the toothbrush cannot remove the debris efficiently”
• “The bristles are too rough, and my child complains that toothbrushing causes pain”
• “The bristles should be softer. The pressure of toothbrushing should not cause bleeding gums”
• “The bristles should cover all the surfaces of the toothbrush head”
• “Multi-dimensional bristles”
• “Optimal bristle diameter”
• “The procedure of toothbrushing might be simplified if there the bristles are distributed on the lateral sides of a toothbrush head”
Handle • “The toothbrush handle is difficult for my child to hold”
• “The angle of toothbrush handles should be adjusted, so that the back teeth could be reached easily”
Toothbrush head • “Various sizes of the toothbrush head should be provided”
• “The size of a toothbrush head should be adjusted properly, so that the back teeth could be brushed more efficiently.
• “There should be a soft rubber pad on the toothbrush head. If children bite the toothbrushes, less damage will be caused to their teeth, and they can feel more comfortable”
Additional function • “It is better if the toothbrush can make toothbrushing fun for kids (help my child love teeth brushing)”
• “We need a toothbrush which can simplify the toothbrushing steps (brush more areas with a single stroke)”
• “…show the toothbrushing steps or provide instructions to children by using verbal or visual hints”
• “Toothbrushing instruction is needed”
Others • “My child bites the toothbrushes, and the toothbrushes are distorted very soon”
• “When I help my child to brush the buccal surfaces of the front teeth, my child does not know how to cooperate. I wish there is a toothbrush which is specialized in brushing the front teeth”
• “The design of toothbrushes should make it more convenient for parents to help children brush their teeth”
• “The individually-modified toothbrushes should be less expensive”