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Table 2 Micronutrient composition of edible portion of BPB and PB

From: Child acceptability of a novel provitamin A carotenoid, iron and zinc-rich complementary food blend prepared from pumpkin and common bean in Uganda: a randomised control trial

Micronutrient BPB/100 g PB/100 g
Iron (mg) 1.99 0.57
Zinc (mg) 1.08 0.23
β-carotene (μg) 2219 3326.5
α-carotene (μg) 50.5 75.1
Vitamin A, μg RAE 187 280.3
  1. BPB Common Bean Pumpkin Blend; PB: Pumpkin Blend
  2. RAE is Retinol activity equivalent (retinol)
  3. RAE = β-carotene (μg/100 g)/12+ α-carotene (μg/100 g)/24 [47]