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Table 5 Themes, sub-themes and parent quotations

From: Feeding practices in 6–24-month-old children with chronic cholestatic liver diseases: a mixed-method study

Themes Sub-themes Parent quotations
Lack of knowledge of feeding   “I tried to search information on the internet, but I still didn’t know what should I feed him, to avoid making mistakes, I only fed my baby with milk.” (participant C)
“Children with jaundice must be different from normal children, I was not sure which kind of food could benefit her and which kind of food would cause damage to her.” (participant G)
Misunderstanding of the feeding process Animal source food and oil will cause damage to the liver “My baby had poor liver function, I felt flesh foods and eggs would aggravate his condition therefore I did not dare to feed him with these foods.” (participant B)
“I thought flesh foods should be limited from my baby’s diets, because these foods did no good to the liver.” (participant K)
The need to control the intake due to the poor digestive function “I felt these children with jaundice had poor ability to digest, so they shouldn’t be fed too much, especially eggs and flesh foods.” (participant H)
Lack of importance of complementary foods   “Milks seemed to contain more nutrients, so I did not feed my child complementary food until he aged 11 months.” (participant D)