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Table 4 Multiple linear regression model of the logarithm of WTP of mothers to vaccinate their children (n = 667)

From: Mothers’ willingness to accept and pay for vaccines to their children in western Iran: a contingent valuation study

Log WTPCoefficientRobust S.Ep-value95% CI
Mother’s age (in year)−0.0134a0.00710.045−0.0274 to − 0.0002
Mother’s educational level
Below high school (ref.)    
High school and above0.17860.11160.110−0.0405 to 0.3978
Health insurance coverage
Yes (ref.)    
No−0.08100.14040.564−0.3567 to 0.1947
Sex of the child
Female (ref.)    
Male−0.11130.09050.219−0.2890 to 0.0664
Mother’s birthplace
Rural (ref.)    
Urban0.04830.12750.705−0.2021 to 0.2987
Monthly household income (in US$)
 < 80    
 80–1600.3338a0.13420.0130.0702 to 0.5974
 160–3200.5145a0.14880.0010.2222 to 0.8068
 > 3201.1013a0.20500.0010.6987 to 1.5040
  1. Note: Dependent variable: logarithm WTP; number of observations: 667; F (8, 658): 8.12; Prob>F:0.001; R-squared: 0.0716; S.E: standard error. asignificant at 5% level