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Table 4 Factors affecting adherence to highly active antiretroviral therapy

From: A cross-sectional study on caregivers’ perspective of the quality of life and adherence of paediatric HIV patients to highly active antiretroviral therapy

N (%)N (%)
Child Related factors
 Problem with formulation52 (72.3)138 (27.7)
 Bitter medication99 (52.7)89 (47.3)
Caregiver Related factors
 I was away from Home114 (60.6)74 (39.4)
 Always around child7 (3.7)181 (96.3)
 Did not want others to see116 (61.7)72 (38.3)
 Don’t Know how to use medicine21 (11.2)167 (88.8)
 Too busy and forget73 (38.8)115 (61.2)
 No money to take child to clinic107 (56.9)NA
Institutional related Factors
 Medicine was not available in the clinic5 (2.7)NA
  1. NA Not Applicable, means answer was not provided by respondent