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Table 3 Demographic and other Related Characteristics

From: A cross-sectional study on caregivers’ perspective of the quality of life and adherence of paediatric HIV patients to highly active antiretroviral therapy

Caregiver AgeFrequencyPercentage
  < 30 years4825.5
  ≥ 30 years14074.5
Care giver Sex
Caregiver HIV Status
 Don’t Know6233.0
Caregiver Relationship to Child
 Close relatives (Grandparents/Aunties/Uncles)7037.2
 Neighbour/Relative outside home42.1
Child’s Sex
Child’s Age
  < 5 years11661.7
  ≥ 5 years7238.3
Involved in Nutritional Program
Problem with keeping to time of medication
When does medicine administration problem occur?
 Not Applicable7037.2
Problems in getting child to take medication
Child’s HAART Adherence status