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Table 4 SNP associated with the hemolytic subphenotype

From: High fetal hemoglobin level is associated with increased risk of cerebral vasculopathy in children with sickle cell disease in Mayotte

SNPAvantageous allele/Disadvantageous alleleAllele frequency (%)OR (95%CI)P
BCL11A rs4671393A/G37%3,13 [1,1-8,89]0,047
BCL11A rs11886868C/T43%4,28 [1,6-11,5]0,005
BCL11A rs1427407T/G15%4,02 [1,75-9,22]0,001
HMIP rs9399137C/T7%5,92 [1,28-27,4]0,012
Xmn1 rs7842144T/C6%0,76
BCL11A rs10189857A/G54%0,85
HMIP rs28384513C/A67%1
HMIP rs66650371Deletion/ACT37%0,39