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Table 2 The correlation of GGT and LSM with other factors

From: Combination of gamma-glutamyl transferase and liver stiffness measurement for biliary atresia screening at different ages: a retrospective analysis of 282 infants

r value (BA/non-BA)P value (BA/non-BA)r value (BA/non-BA)P value (BA/non-BA)
ALP (U/L)−0.113/0.0440.192/0.6000.011/0.2900.896/< 0.001
AST (U/L)−0.066/− 0.2770.449/0.0010.331/0.504< 0.001/< 0.001
ALT (U/L)−0.046/− 0.3640.592/< 0.0010.250/0.3720.003/< 0.001
TBIL (umol/l)−0.077/− 0.1510.375/0.0680.113/0.3890.194/< 0.001
DBIL (umol/l)0.026/−0.1800.765/0.0300.103/0.4220.234/< 0.001
  1. LSM Liver stiffness measurement, GGT Gamma-glutamyl transferase, ALP Alkaline phosphatase, AST Aspartate aminotransferase, ALT Alanine aminotransferase, TBIL Total bilirubin, DBIL Direct bilirubin