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Table 1 The LSM and GGT of infants in the BA and non-BA group

From: Combination of gamma-glutamyl transferase and liver stiffness measurement for biliary atresia screening at different ages: a retrospective analysis of 282 infants

  BA groupNon-BA groupP value
All patientN135147
LSM, kPa12.0(6.0)8.1(3.3)< 0.001
GGT, U/L455.3(556.4)95.0(96.0)< 0.001
Group A (≤60d)N7450
LSM, kPa10.3(4.2)7.1(3.0)< 0.001
GGT, U/L371.6(458.4)88.5(72.1)< 0.001
Group B (61-90d)N5470
LSM, kPa14.2(5.4)8.5(2.8)< 0.001
GGT, U/L600.5(722.7)95.8(103.4)< 0.001
Group C (91-120d)N727
LSM, kPa15.0(16.4)9.1(4.3)< 0.001
GGT, U/L697.2(429.6)120.1(122.7)< 0.001
  1. LSM Liver stiffness measurement, GGT Gamma-glutamyl transferase
  2. The data was analyzed using rank sum test and expressed using median and interquartile range (IQR)