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Table 4 Risk factors of failure in Tübingen splint treatment for DDH

From: Tübingen hip flexion splints for developmental dysplasia of the hip in infants aged 0–6 months

 Correlation coefficientS.E.Waldp-valueOR95% CI
Age at treatment initiation0.1110.0563.9420.0471.1181.001–1.247
Right side DDH0.8390.8960.8770.3492.3150.399–13.417
Bilateral DDH1.7380.7485.3990.0205.6871.313–24.639
Family history of DDH1.6280.8923.3360.0685.0960.888–29.250
Graf classification3.6630.69427.873< 0.00138.99310.008–151.927
  1. DDH developmental dysplasia of the hip, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval