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Table 7 Multivariate analysis results of Cox proportional model

From: Radiation therapy is an important factor to improve survival in pediatric patients with head and neck rhabdomyosarcoma by enhancing local control: a historical cohort study from a single center

Risk FactorsOS (All Patients)EFS (All Patients)OS (Patients with Events)
HR95% CIspHR95% CIspHR95% CIsp
Tumor size5.061.17–21.930.0301.920.86–4.270.1105.611.12–28.060.036
Primary tumor invasiveness4.590.51–41.130.1735.960.62–54.590.114
Surgical-pathologic group1.260.33–4.840.7411.500.31–7.400.617
Initial RT4.661.33–16.360.0164.692.08–10.55< 0.001
Salvage RT2.060.54–7.790.289