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Table 1 A list of the identified terms extracted from the 77 included studies

From: A concept analysis of children with complex health conditions: implications for research and practice

Extracted termsCategories of the termsUsed terms in the literatureRelevant articles
Terms/related terms for children with complex care needs (CCHC)Complex care needsChildren with special health care needsaAcross the studies
Children with chronic health conditionsaAcross the studies
Children with complex care needs2
Children with special needs4, 5, 24, 33
Children with chronic physical illness6
Children with complex health conditions7, 10
Children with special health care needs (CSHCN)11, 31
Complex chronic conditions (CCCs)12–17, 19–22, 23, 43
Children with life-limiting conditions13, 14 15
Children with life-threatening conditions13, 15, 17
Children with life-threatening illnesses16, 22
Children with self-limiting conditions16, 22
Children with palliative conditions22
Children with special health care needs36
Children with chronic conditions39
Children with complex chronic conditions40
Children with chronic illnesses42
Children with severe neurodisabilities45
 Specific conditionsChildren with cancer13, 48
Children with cerebral palsy26
Children with hemophilia A, B or Factor VII (FVII) deficiency27
Children with non-traumatic dental conditions41
Children with autism47
 The most complex cases (sub-category of CCHC)Technology-dependent children4, 5
Children with multisystem chronic disease processes4, 5, 25
Children with medical complexity4, 11, 19, 37, 46
Medically complex children5
Children medically fragile19, 24
Medically fragile children24
Children with medically complex chronic disease25
Children with medical complexities with a common denominator (e.g., incontinence)28
  1. a these terms were the two most common (about 40 times)