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Table 4 Factors associated with school absenteeism of school age children and adolescents with seizure disorder attending follow up at PNC in TASH between April and July, 2018

From: The effect of seizure on school attendance among children with epilepsy: a follow-up study at the pediatrics neurology clinic, Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

VariablesSchool AbsenteeismCOR(95%CI)AOD (95% CI)
No (%)Yes (%)  
Age groups
 7–12 years47862.49(1.1–5.6)2.01(0.83–5.24)
 13–18 years941  
Family size
 < 5 members24570.89(0.45–1.70) 
 ≥5 members3270  
Duration of seizure
 < 5983.12(1.64–6.05)2.36(1.09–5.15)
Repeated grade
 Never repeated38612.28(1.19–4.49)1.57(0.73–3.42)
Marital status of primary care giver
 Single2870.51 (0.19–1.19) 
Educational status of primary care giver
 < high school16571.0 (0.5–1.9) 
 High school12271.31 (0.2–27.4) 
 College +2841  
Seizure frequency
 = < 1 month39652.18(1.13–4.34)1.55(0.69–3.55)
 > 1 month1762  
Seizure at school
Symptomatic seizure
Guardians disclosed epilepsy status to teacher