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Table 3 Effect of seizure on school attendance of school age children and adolescents with seizure disorder attending follow up at PNC in TASH between April and July, 2018

From: The effect of seizure on school attendance among children with epilepsy: a follow-up study at the pediatrics neurology clinic, Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ever miss a school day because of seizure
Number of days missed (n = 127)
 < 10 days9070.9
 10–30 days3325.9
 Pulled out of school43.2
 Mean/±SD = 12.6/31  
% of days missed (n = 127)
 < 50%9070.9
Reasons for missing school due to seizure (n = 127)
 Had a seizure before school6450.4
 Had a seizure at school and needed to go home2721.3
 Had a medical appointment10280.3
 Had a test scheduled10.8
Had Seizure at school(n = 183)8848.1
went home before the end of classesafter seizure in school(n = 88)819
Should go home from schools immediately for reasons of seizure
 Should go home immediately5831.7
 Can stay at school if well12568.3
Teacher suggested stay at home as the child had seizure experience
Allowed child to miss a day of school even if the child is not sick
Reasons for allowing miss a class for seizure(n = 35)
 Fear of seizure at school2775.0
 No particular reason38.3
Guardians disclose child’s epilepsy status to a teacher(n = 181)
Guardians disclose child’s epilepsy status to a peer