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Table 1 Socio demographic characteristics of school age children and adolescents and primary caregivers with seizure disorder attending follow up at PNC in TASH between April and July, 2018

From: The effect of seizure on school attendance among children with epilepsy: a follow-up study at the pediatrics neurology clinic, Tikur Anbessa specialized hospital, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Age groups in year
 Mean/±SD =10.47/2.9  
 Addis Ababa11864.5
 Out of Addis Ababa6535.5
Childs level of education
 Primary school12367.2
 Secondary school42.2
Repeated grade
 Never repeated9954.1
Marital status of primary care giver
Educational status of primary care giver n = 181
 Less than high school7340.3
 High school3921.5
 Collage level and above6938.1
Family monthly income (n = 140)
 < 1500 birr (50 US $)6546.4
 > 1500 birr7553.6