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Table 2 Environmental and behavioural characteristics related to under-five children and their bivariate analysis with the occurrence of diarrhoea in rural Ethiopia

From: Socio-demographic, environmental and behavioural risk factors of diarrhoea among under-five children in rural Ethiopia: further analysis of the 2016 Ethiopian demographic and health survey

Variables Had Diarrhoea recentlyχ2-test
Counts (%)No (%)Yes (%)P-value
Source of drinking water   0.689
 Improved water4241(53.3)3763(88.7)478(11.3) 
Type of toilet facility   0.034
 Improved toilet facility589(7.4)530(90.0)59(10.0) 
 Unimproved toilet facility3262(41.0)2863(87.8)399(12.2) 
 No Facility/bush/field4103(51.6)3675(89.6)428(10.4) 
Toilet facilities shared with other household   0.041
Disposal of youngest child’s stools   0.070
 Proper disposal2013(38.8)1754(87.1)259(12.9) 
 Improper disposal3171(61.2)2816(88.8)355(11.2) 
Main floor material    
 Natural floor7413(93.2)6594(89.0)819(11.0)0.634
 Rudimentary floor72(0.9)63(87.5)9(12.5) 
 Finished floor469(5.9)411(87.6)58(12.4) 
  1. χ2 Chi-square