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Table 2 Association between maternal vitamin A supplementation and early infant mortality in HIV-positive women, sub-Saharan Africa

From: Postpartum vitamin A supplementation for HIV-positive women is not associated with mortality and morbidity of their breastfed infants: evidence from multiple national surveys in sub-Saharan Africa

Vitamin A supplementation statusSurvival statusOdds ratio
Supplemented (n = 319)3210.028790.00.78 (0.50–1.22)1.10 (0.57–2.13)
Non-supplemented (n = 519)6512.545487.511
  1. a Adjusted for geographic region of the country, place of delivery, utilization of postnatal care, sex of the newborn, type of household sanitation facility, number of under five children in the household and Frequency of watching television