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Table 1 Basic characteristics of HIV-positive women included in the analysis, Sub-Saharan Africa, 2003–2015

From: Postpartum vitamin A supplementation for HIV-positive women is not associated with mortality and morbidity of their breastfed infants: evidence from multiple national surveys in sub-Saharan Africa

Variables (n = 838)Vitamin A supplementedBoth
(n = 838)
Yes (n = 309)No (n = 529)
Sub-Saharan Africa Region
 Eastern103.4529.9637.5< 0.001*
Sex of the household head
Household wealth index
 Poorest or poorer12339.620638.932839.10.755
 Richer or richest12841.321140.033940.5
Maternal age (years)
 35 or above4815.48616.213315.9
Marital status
 Never in union5417.47213.612615.00.388
 Married/living with partner21770.239875.261573.4
 Divorced or separated288.9417.8698.2
Place of residence
Maternal education
 No formal education5317.27514.212815.30.469
 Primary education13443.422943.436443.4
 Secondary or higher education12239.522442.434741.3
Number of children under the age of 5 years
 2 or more17255.529956.647156.2
Maternal body-mass-index (kg/m2)
  < 18.5227.3315.9536.40.407
 25 or above8025.812223.120224.1
Sex of the child
Age of the index child (months) (n = 737)×
Birth weight as reported by the mother
  < 2.5 kg3611.5326.0688.00.001*
 2.5–3.9 kg18860.929054.847857.1
 4.0 kg or above124.0264.9384.6
 Not weighted at birth or don’t know7323.618134.325430.3
Drinking water source
Sanitation facility
Place of delivery
 Home7123.119136.126231.3< 0.001*
 Health facility23876.933863.957668.7
Any postnatal check-up by health professional
 No15048.439173.854064.4< 0.001*
Child ever vaccinated (n = 737)×
 No3511.411922.415420.9< 0.001*
Frequency of watching TV
 Not at all18860.935467.054364.70.181
 Less than once a week3511.3468.6819.6
 At least once a week8627.712924.421525.6
Frequency of listening to radio
 Not at all11035.616531.227532.80.409
 Less than once a week4915.88616.313516.1
 At least once a week15048.627852.542851.1
× excluding deceased infants