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Table 3 Logistic Regression predicting likelihood of developing moderate/severe BPD based on MV > 36 days, GA, PH, weight and gender

From: Influence of time under mechanical ventilation on bronchopulmonary dysplasia severity in extremely preterm infants: a pilot study

 95% C.I. for EXP
Constant− 75280,5060,001  
MV > 36 days38940,00149,1014916490,415
GA (days)0,0480,46910500,9211196
Weight at birth−0,0050,1250,9950,9881001
  1. MV Mechanical ventilation, GA gestational age, PH Pulmonary hypertension, B nonstandard coefficients regression, RR relative risk, C.I confidence interval. Note: Gender is for males compared to females