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Table 5 Multivariable analysis: Linear regression taking the AUDIT score as the dependent variable

From: Validation of the AUDIT scale and factors associated with alcohol use disorder in adolescents: results of a National Lebanese Study

VariableUnstandardized BetaStandardized Betap-valueConfidence Interval
Cigarette dependence0.5270.191< 0.0010.3620.692
Waterpipe dependence0.2990.331< 0.0010.2460.352
Child abuse sexual scale0.6560.301< 0.0010.5690.743
Child abuse neglect scale0.1260.154< 0.0010.0960.156
Bullying/victimization score0.2360.204< 0.0010.1910.281
  1. Variables entered in the model: sex, parents’ status, IAT score, LWDS-11 score, FTND score, Liebowitz fear score, Liebowitz avoidance score, Psychological abuse scale, Child abuse neglect scale, Child abuse physical scale, Child abuse sexual scale and Bullying/victimization score, house crowding index