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Table 3 Swallowing problems influencing oral drug administration for managing childhood as reported by parents (N0= 139)a

From: The difficulties experienced during the preparation and administration of oral drugs by parents at home: a cross-sectional study from Palestine

VariableFrequency (%)
Type of problemb
 Drugs hang in the throat32 (23)
 Uncomfortable sense32 (23)
 Chocking sense18 (12.9)
 Cough32 (23)
 Vomiting82 (59)
How many times did he complain of swallowing difficulty?
 Always29 (20.9)
 Sometimes109 (78.4)
 One time1 (0.7)
Doctor advise about the problemc
 Change drug36 (48)
 Change dose1 (1.3)
 Give some tips to overcome the problem29 (38.7)
 Forget the problem9 (12)
  1. aThe number (139) reflected the number of children who had swallowing problems
  2. bTotal exceeds 100 % as data are overlapping due to multiple answers
  3. cPercentage calculated by dividing by 75 “the number of parents discussed swallowing problem with their doctor”