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Table 2 Oral drug administration at home and acceptance behaviors of children (N = 420)

From: The difficulties experienced during the preparation and administration of oral drugs by parents at home: a cross-sectional study from Palestine

VariableFrequency (%)
The person responsible for drug administration at home?
 Father6 (1.4)
 Mother392 (93.3)
 Father & mother21 (5)
 Brother1 (0.2)
Did the child mind take oral pills?
 Yes106 (25.2)
 No59 (14)
 Did not try it255 (60.7)
What did they do when the child refused to take tablet drugs?a b
 Drink more water39 (36.8)
 Crush capsule32 (30.2)
 Open capsule9 (8.5)
 Break capsule11 (10.4)
 Change head position6 (5.7)
 Mix with food8 (7.5)
 Mix with milk3 (2.8)
 Dissolute in water or other drinks32 (30.2)
 Request another form33 (31.1)
 Stop drug15 (14.2)
 Give during sleep3 (2.8)
What did they do when the child refused to take liquid drugs?a c
 Force child153 (65.7)
 Drink more water57 (24.5)
 Mix with milk11 (4.7)
 Mix with juice50 (21.5)
 Mix with food12 (5.2)
 Stop drug26 (11.2)
 Give during sleep13 (5.6)
Source of information about drugsa
 Medical leaflet216 (51.4)
 Doctor280 (66.7)
 Nurse5 (1.2)
 Pharmacist108 (25.7)
 Ordinary people11 (2.6)
 Old experience49 (11.7)
 Internet50 (11.9)
  1. aTotal exceeds 100 % as data are overlapping due to multiple answers
  2. bPercentage was calculated by dividing by 106” the number of children refused taking capsules”
  3. cPercentage was calculated by dividing by 233 “the number of the children refused taking liquid drugs “