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Table 1 Study characteristics included in the systematic review and meta-analysis on knowledge of neonatal danger signs and associated factors among women in Ethiopia

From: Women’s knowledge towards neonatal danger signs and its associated factors in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis

AuthorsRegionStudy areaPublication yearSpontaneous responseStudy settingStudy designSample sizePrevalence
Nigatu et al, (2015) [18]AmharaGondar2015At least threeCommunityCross-sectional60318.2
Yadeta TA, (2018) [23]OromiaEast Hararge2018At least fourCommunityCross-sectional7579.4
Mersha A et al., (2017) [20]SSNPRChencha2017At least threeCommunityCross-sectional63050.3
Misgna et al., (2016) [26]TigrayGulomekada2016At least threeCommunityCross-sectional29650.0
Fissaha T et al., (2018) [29]HararHarar2018At least threeFacilityCross-sectional43232.9
Berhane M et al., (2018) [22]OromiaJimma2018At least threeCommunityCross-sectional42234.8
Adem N, et al., (2017) [25]TigrayMekelle2017At least threeFacilityCross-sectional35050.6
Desalegn et al., (2018) [16]AmharaGondar2018At least threeCommunityCross-sectional84564.1
Melese et al., (2018) [17]AmharaWoldia2018At least sixFacilityCross-sectional19711.7
Fekecha B et al., (2017) [19]SSNPRWolkite2017At least threeCommunityCross-sectional36831.5
Demis B et al., (2018) [28]AA*AA*2018At least oneFacilityCross-sectional51288.9
Berhea TA et al., (2018) [27]TigrayMekelle2018At least threeCommunityCross-sectional45666.2
Bulto et al., (2019) [24]OromiaAmbo2019At least threeFacilityCross-sectional40420.3
Degefa et al., (2019) [21]**SNNPRArba Minch2019At least twoFacilityCross-sectional34540.9
  1. *SNNPR Southern nation nationalities and peoples reperesentatives, AA* Addis Ababa