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Table 1 Maternal and infant characteristics. Values are expressed as medians with interquartile range or percentage

From: Dynamics of immunoglobulin G subclasses during the first two years of life in Malawian infants born to HIV-positive mothers

 Age (years)28.0 (23.8–31.3)
 WHO stage I, II, III (%)70/23.3/6.7
 CD4+ cell count (cells/μl)322 (211–469)
 CD4 < 350 cells/μl (n, %)16 (55.2)
 HIV-RNA (log copies/ml)3.92 (3.07–4.43)
 Weeks of ART in pregnancy10 (5.7–14)
 weight at birtha (kg)3.35 (3.06–3.53)
 low birth weightb n3
 gender (female, n %)13, 43.3%
  1. aNeonatal weight was recorded within 15 days from delivery
  2. bThe neonatal weight < 2500 g was considered low birth weight [23]