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Table 2 Knowledge of HCPs on general adolescent health, education and counseling (n = 28)

From: Experiences and training needs of healthcare providers involved in the care of Ghanaian adolescents living with HIV: an interventional study

ParameterFrequency, n (%)
Do you consider yourself knowledgeable about adolescent health issues?
 Yes21 (75.0)
 No7 (25.0)
What is the correct definition for adolescents?
 Persons aged 10–19 years10 (35.7)
 Persons aged 13–19 years18 (64.3)
Have you received any formal training on adolescent health?
 Yes14 (50.0)
 No14 (50.0)
Have you received any training on how to work with the adolescent client?
 Yes10 (35.7)
 No18 (64.3)
Does the adolescent have the right to privacy?
 Yes26 (92.8)
 No1 (3.6)
 I do not know1 (3.6)
Does the adolescent have the right to informed consent?
 Yes24 (85.7)
 No2 (7.1)
 I do not know2 (7.1)
Are all adolescents the same in terms of characteristics and behavior?
 Yes5 (17.9)
 No20 (71.4)
 I do not know3 (10.7)
Are you aware of any Laws and Policies related to Adolescents in Ghana?
 Yes19 (67.9)
 No5 (17.9)
 I do not know4 (14.2)
Are counseling approaches/techniques used in the general adolescent health the same as those used for ALHIV?
 Yes11 (39.3)
 No12 (42.8)
 I do not know5 (17.9)
Which of these is an adolescent health assessment tool?
 WHODAS1 (3.6)
 HEADSSS3 (10.7)
 WHOQAS0 (0.0)
 ADOLETS2 (7.1)
 No idea22 (78.6)